Code Podcast: P2P, People to People

The Internet didn’t quite deliver on its original promise and today we’re talking with people who are fixing it.” We’re very glad that Andrey Salomatin, creator of Code podcast (see original post here), got in touch to let us know about this recent podcast on what’s happening lately in P2P decentralized web development. If you’re… Continue reading

Money Matters! Why Monetary Theory and Policy Is a Critical Terrain For the Left

A panel moderated by Gar Alperovitz, Co-Chair of The Next System Project and featuring Pavlina Tcherna (Associate Professor and Chair at the Department of Economics at Bard College), Stephanie Kelton (Professor of Public Policy & Economics at Stony Brook University), Michael Hudson (President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET) and Raúl Carrillo… Continue reading

Indra Adnan On Is Politics Broken? (And Here Is The Alternative)   Indra Adnan is Co-Initiator of The Alternative UK – part of a global network of political platforms originating with Alternativet in Denmark. Her commitment is to grassroots politics that release the power of people and communities in ways that sustain the planet. She is concurrently a journalist (The Guardian, Huffington Post), a psychotherapist (Human Givens Institute), founder of… Continue reading

The Lucas Plan: a Documentary

The Plan That Came From The Bottom Up 40 years ago a group of skilled engineers at Lucas Aerospace UK, when threatened with redundancy, responded with an ambitious plan to make better use of their talents – designing what they called socially useful and environmentally sustainable alternatives to the military products their company made. THE… Continue reading

Climate breakdown: where is the left?

Republished from New Economics Foundation Climate change is fuelling record temperatures and sweeping fires, but the progressive response is lacking. David Powell, Head of Environment & Green Transition: The newspapers read like something from a dystopian sci-fi film about a world ravaged by climate breakdown. But it’s today, and it’s real. Heat records are being… Continue reading

Tokens as a Labor Model

Two years ago, we published a report on Value in the Commons Economy, in which we analyzed the value regime of a number of pioneering peer production projects such as Sensorica and Backfeed. In that report, we posited a sphere of ‘value sovereignty’, within the sphere of the commons, and a membrane between the commons… Continue reading